Go Blanche Go

Concept, music, text, vocals: Karin Sandberg

Medium: Karaokevideo, looped, 3.04minutes

Installation at Tjolöholm Castle, Göteborg, 2013


My work is an homage to Blanche Dickson who built Tjolöholm Castle, a creation ahead of its time, and one of the Arts and Crafts movement’s finest castles in Sweden; its zoning, design, ornamentation, art, sculptures, and garden. Making this as a woman in turn of the century Sweden is something we should be reminded of.

Even still, feminism is questioned. Even still, women have to endure violence, harassment, and persecution. Thus, it is important to highlight female historical pioneers.

Places can speak to us, but they have no voices. I lend this place my voice. And my voice is a tribute to Blanche’s achievement!




Documentation photos: Kjell Caminha